Makakhad (Mac)

A kalashtar Psychic Warrior on the archer path.


Carries only a bow and a kukri. He makes a habit of always keeping a sling bolt in hand and occasionally juggles it around. His general appearance is extremely ordinary and you would easily lose him in a crowd if not for his 6’3" frame.



Kalashtar (humans that merged minds and souls with refugee dream beings) find that blending in affords a certain degree of freedom, but following the Path of Light will inevitably lead to a confrontation with evil of some sort. In order to be ready for that confrontation, many kalashtar train their mind and body in psionic arts because the best preparation is in a sharp, focused mind rather than a sharp blade.

Mac’s path lead him to adventuring early on. His parents (and most kalashtar) hold a long racial memory of the Nightmare spirits that chased the Quor parts of themselves completely away from the Realm of Dreams to their current dreamless symbiosis on the Material plane. Such oppression and evil will quickly solidify one’s own convictions, and so Mac will go to no end to see a slaver dealt with.

Adventuring can be very bland on the road, so Mac has developed his cooking skills and is always willing to try (at least once) most foods from the new places he visits. He keeps a recipe journal for those dishes that truly impress him. In between adventures, he usually takes on short cooking jobs to try to perfect his recipes. He hates cilantro though, and will only grudgingly include it if asked for.

Makakhad (Mac)

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