The Razor Coast

Whores and Ale

How it all started

Introductory Session finds the party, at the behest of the Adventuring/Treasure hunting guild known as the Seekers, being dropped at the docks of Port Shaw. They are well equipped for their journey, and find themselves a little bit lost in a new place.

While a couple of their number are only interested in food and drink along with some …other activities, most of the party chooses to explore after hearing recent news of some bodies being found in the last couple weeks at the marketplace of the Jade District after dark. These bodies were a suspect not just because of the fact that they were murdered, but the manner in which they were murdered—large bite marks were left on the chests of the victims.

Most of the party chooses to investigate in the marketplace. While they were there they meet a mysterious lady in green. She appears to be an aristocrat of some sort that also flirts heavily with our paladin. Her name is Jalia Ramires. While speaking with her, our Paladin friend has his coin-purse lifted, and after a pursuit the party is unable to find the cutpurse responsible.

Neverminding that, they decide to stake out the Jade District Marketplace after dark, and find themselves in heated combat with weresharks. After watching two night watchmen fall victim to these terrible, beastly abominations, The party does their best to fend them off, and manage to take most of them out, but one manages to get away despite their pursuit, and they jump into the sea before the party can catch them.



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